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SurfEasy VPN for Appraisers
realquantum recommends using a VPN to make public WiFi safe

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SurfEasy VPN for Appraisers


What it’s Good For

Securing your computer or mobile device when using public WiFi like coffee shops, libraries and airports.



What is a VPN and Why Do I Need One?

Public WiFi hotspots at coffee shops, airports and libraries, expose your network activity and the websites you visit.  A VPN (virtual private network) prevents you from being vulnerable when shopping, surfing social media, or emails.  Even though banks have secure HTTP, your user ID or password could be exposed without a VPN.  PC Magazine has a great explanation here.

Here is Mark’s view of one of the many VPN services available

I’ve used SurfEasy VPN for over a year, and I recommend it. I chose SurfEasy for three reasons. First, it supports a wide variety of devices and browsers. I use it on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Second, I can use it on up to five different devices at the same time. And third, the price is good for the value provided. I’m comfortable recommending SurfEasy for appraisers, regardless of their technical ability, because the product is surprisingly easy to install for such a powerful VPN. I’ve used other products in the past, and many are not simple to install. For an individual or small business, SurfEasy is a simple product offering excellent protection and performance.


realquantum does not get any compensation for recommending any products.  This is one of several VPN products available.  Regardless of whether you select our recommended product or another one, just be sure to select a product and use it whenever you are on public WiFi networks.  Want to learn more about realquantum?  Click the button below.


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