About Realquantum

Supporting the Success of Commercial Real Estate Appraisers

Our Mission

Our mission at Realquantum is to transform commercial real estate valuation, elevate the profession, and have fun doing it!

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Culture & Values

We Care

We are dedicated to the wellbeing and success of our community. That includes, in priority order: employees, customers, city, state, industry. We’re making more than money. We’re making a difference.

We are Curious

We do our best to learn something new every day. We challenge conventions. We ask why. We ask why not.

We are Fierce

We are passionate. We are relentless. We are determined. We are always on offense.

We Pursue Excellence

Our teammates, communities, and customers deserve nothing less than our best.

We are Transparent

We are open and honest. We avoid jargon and baffling computer-speak. We assume positive intent. In our words, deeds, and designs we keep it clean, clear, and concise.

We are a Team

We each have a voice. Our diversity makes us strong. We are better when we work together.

We are Accountable

Win, lose, or draw, we own it. We learn from both failure and success. We do the right thing, even if it hurts.

We are Empowered

We support each other. We have a bias toward action. We are not afraid to make and learn from our mistakes. We don’t hire smart people and then tell them what to do. If you need a manager, work somewhere else.