Easily Scale Your Operations

Complete more appraisals in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing quality.

Commercial Appraisal, Minus the Boring Parts

Realquantum is an easy-to-use cloud software solution for commercial real estate valuation, making appraisal faster, simpler, and more efficient than ever.

Online Database

Access your full property and appraisal database online, past or present, complete with attached files, notes, and photographs.

Personalized Reports

Use our powerful template creator to make vibrant, customized reports, AI-powered editing and even autofill frequently used phrases.

Automated Everything

Repetitive data entry and calculations are a thing of the past. Now it’s all done for you, making your work faster and more consistent.

Powerful Features All in One Place

Realquantum provides a simple way to complete your appraisals in one place, making your work faster, easier, and more productive.

Property database

All your data for any property type supported in this comprehensive, convenient online database.

Flexible Report Builder

Quickly configure vibrant, compelling reports, with templates, customizable auto-text, edit with AI, and virtually endless options for any situation.

Intuitive Design

A simple, user-friendly interface, built to promote best practices and easy to learn for a new trainee or seasoned professional.

Built-in Calculations

No more error-prone spreadsheets: it’s all built in, instantly and automatically — even when you edit existing data.

Built for Professionals On the Go

Appraisal has always been more than a desk job. Realquantum makes on-site work faster and less redundant, while maintaining powerful security standards.

Fully Web-based

You can access Realquantum anywhere, with just a web browser – your whole team stays connected.

Mobile App

Our industry-first mobile app makes inspections a breeze, and uploads your photos, notes and sketches automatically. 

Single Sign-on

No more worrying about managing multiple passwords. Users can use their same login info anywhere (available with Enterprise Edition).

Works on iPad

Beyond the mobile app, you can also run Realquantum on an iPad when you want a larger screen on the go.

Run Your Business Safely and Efficiently

Stop wasting your team’s brainpower on mundane tasks. With automated calculations and syncing, you can focus on work that matters.

Train & Onboard New Hires

Spend less time reviewing the calculations for new hires, and more time mentoring them on valuation best practices.

Accurate Results, Every Time

Since the math is done without spreadsheets, you can stop checking to make sure it’s done right.

Third-Party Integrations

From mapping to cash flow modeling, Realquantum integrates with the tools you use most.

Highest Level of Security

Realquantum has the best security in the industry, securing your data with bank-grade encryption. AICPA SOC 2 certified.


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