The #1 App for Commercial Appraisers

A fully web-native solution to speed up appraisals and boost revenue.

“Realquantum is by far the BEST SOFTWARE AVAILABLE on the market. All my clients agree the format is easy to read. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this software for any type of commercial property which requires a market value estimate.”

Marcus J., Boston

Property Database

Access Data Anywhere

Store all your property data in a single cloud-based location. Your data is everywhere, for every property, from all your devices. That includes extensive property details, all your photos, notes, and sketches, which upload automatically.

Tools for teams

Collaborate with Ease

Assign tasks more effectively to the right people and notify others in the office to review and approve work before sending to the client. Photos are immediately synced from your devices to the cloud database, enabling you to share them as soon as they’re recorded.

Automated calculations

Faster Analysis, Error-Free

Now you can stop copying data between documents and spreadsheets, and stop dealing with broken formulas. With Realquantum, you enter each data point once, and it goes everywhere it needs to go, updating all your calculations immediately. Say goodbye to data-entry errors.


Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Resources

Custom-built features to help you maximize revenue and eliminate tedious work.

Advanced Security

With industry-leading security, you control user access levels. Optional Active Directory integration also available.

Robust Calculations

Complex data, from weighted average property age to level-equivalent rent, are all handled.

New Hires Learn Faster

Our intuitive application lets trainees spend less time struggling with tools, so they get productive faster.

Detailed Data

Get full rent breakdowns in leases, construction costs for properties, and depreciation records.


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