realquantum Data Import Overview

Importing data in realquantum.
realquantum import overview


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realquantum has a data import function that is easy to use and full of powerful features. But, with so many features, it helps to see a few examples.

Join Andrea Elmer from the realquantum Customer Success Team for an overview.

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Who Will Benefit

  • Existing realquantum subscribers
  • People considering realquantum who want to learn more

What You Will Learn

  1. realquantum import overview of the template file and how to use it as a guide
  2. Examples of different import data types
  3. Understanding and correcting errors
  4. How the import process keeps your database PUCS-compliant

There will be a question and answer session at the end.  So, whether you are an existing customer or thinking about signing up, this is a fun way to learn fast.


About the Instructor

Andrea Elmer is a member of the realquantum Customer Success Team.  Besides hosting the realquantum import overview webinar, she writes support documentation. She also creates our amazing instructional videos and often helps new customers with initial training.

Hosted by realquantum CEO Jeff Weiner


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