How a Property Database Helps Commercial Property Tax Assessors Thrive

See how realquantum fills the need for a commercial real estate appraisal software.
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A Better Way To Appraise

Your goal as a commercial property tax assessor is to achieve consistent fair and equitable treatment of every taxpayer, but that goal isn’t without challenges. Especially during a global pandemic. How do you ensure you’re equitably addressing taxpayer concerns in the most efficient way possible? Even despite seeing a major uptick in appeals due to COVID-19? A property database specifically designed for commercial real estate can make all the difference.

Unfortunately, many of today’s real estate mass appraisal software applications are designed with residential appraisal in mind, not commercial. This makes it much harder for assessors working on commercial appeals to quickly and easily store and access all the data they need, particularly when managing a large number of appeals at one time. When you’re juggling multiple complex appeals, you need as much information in as much detail as possible to ensure fair and equitable treatment to each and every appeal. That’s hard to accomplish when you’re spending hours digging through endless documents for the data you need.

Luckily, there is a better way. We created Realquantum to fill the need for a commercial real estate appraisal software. Designed by appraisers, for appraisers, our property database is both comprehensive and meets all industry standards. That means you can more easily store all the information you need to defend a commercial tax appeal. The calculation engine is already built into the database as well. There’s no need to worry about calculation errors or problems within Excel spreadsheets. Realquantum even allows you to create standardized templates to use within your department, increasing accuracy and consistency across the board.

Additionally, Realquantum operates completely in the cloud. This means anyone on your team will be able to access the data they need, whether in the office or on the go. Teams can now work remotely without missing a beat! Storing data this way is secure, easy to organize and maintain, and requires no additional IT resources.


Making Fair and Equitable Easier For Commercial Property Tax Assessors

Simplifying the data collection and report building process means you have more time to focus on the details. This means you can more easily ensure that each and every appeal is treated as fairly and equitably as possible. We know making major changes is rarely easy, but the long-term value of providing your team with tools that help them do their job the best that they can, with less stress, makes it worth it. After speaking with one of our customers from a major U.S. city whose goal was to have the best commercial database in the market, we’re even more sure. With the help of Realquantum, they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

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