Our Cloud is Better Than Their Cloud

Learn more about how companies have been offloading their computer system hosting and operations to firms.
Our Cloud is Better than Their Cloud


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What’s all this talk about “cloud”, anyway?

For quite some time now, smart companies have been offloading their computer system hosting and operations to firms specializing in that sort of thing. These hosting and operations firms exist somewhere out in the vastness of the Internet. Engineers usually draw the Internet as a cloud shape when they’re making their fancy engineering diagrams. Some smart and observant guy in Marketing noticed these cloud shapes where so many innovative things were happening, and coined the term “cloud” to describe computer facilities that are hosted and operated somewhere outside the company.

Not all clouds are created equal. Among the top five competing cloud providers, features, performance, and reliability vary significantly. Of the top five, only the top two or three offer truly world-class service. Here are some things that are essential to a world-class cloud hosting platform:

  • High reliability. The service will be there 99.9+% of the time, which means your weakest link isn’t the cloud.
  • Business continuity. That’s another way of saying your business will continue to function no matter what. Our cloud vendor can survive disasters by failing over to other locations with little if any interruption.
  • Platform maintenance. Because hosting is their day job, cloud service providers keep their equipment in top shape with all the latest versions and patches applied.
  • Rapid scalability. If customers need more horsepower or storage, changes can be made in minutes, rather than hours or days or weeks.
  • Economy. A cloud service spreads cost across a lot of customers, keeping waste and excess to a minimum while smoothing out spikes in operations cost.
  • Accountability. A world-class cloud service provider doesn’t have to partner or outsource to deliver its product.
  • Dependability. A world-class cloud service provider has all the best tools and techniques for solving problems, usually before they are noticed. It can control its product for maximum quality, and keep its customers continuously informed.


Real Quantum is building its products using only the most modern tools and technologies. Our products are built in the cloud, for the cloud, and with all the advantages of the cloud. No amount of updating and retrofitting can take a product built with old tools and technologies and turn it into a cloud-based product. Our customers deserve the best product running in the best cloud environment out there, and that’s exactly what we at Real Quantum offer.

Our cloud doesn’t take breaks, doesn’t believe in holidays, doesn’t lie down on the job. It has 99.95% availability. In plain terms, that’s just 4 ½ hours of downtime in a whole year.

Our cloud is tornado-proof. It’s distributed and duplicated in data centers across the US from coast to coast. That means your service is protected from disasters like tornados, broken water mains, and overzealous backhoe operators. If a server goes down, or even a whole data center, our cloud will relocate your service to keep you going strong. Chances are, you won’t even notice it happened.

Our cloud has total recall. Sure, your data is backed up. And yes, your backups are protected from office fires and coffee spills. But your backups are also kept in multiple locations across the country, so your data is safe from really big catastrophes like earthquakes and meteor strikes. Well, maybe small meteor strikes.


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