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Realquantum, the revolutionary web-native commercial real estate appraisal platform company, announced today that the national appraisal and consulting firm, WestRock Appraisal Services, Inc., (WestRock) has engaged Realquantum to help them streamline their commercial property valuation practice. Founded in 1987 and based in West Palm Beach, Florida, WestRock operates in 29 states.

The well-established and rapidly-expanding firm is led by Steven Romer, MBA, MAI, and his highly motivated and experienced staff. They provide a variety of commercial valuation services specializing in multi-family, mixed-use, industrial,  commercial, new construction, and land property appraisal services and have recently diversified into one- to four-family residential appraisal services.

Realquantum is helping Westrock innovate and position itself for strong growth. They are hiring new staff that is both experienced and new to the appraisal industry. As such, they require a platform that is easy to learn and use for new people, while feature-rich for veteran appraisers.

Westrock has had technology innovation in its DNA from the start. Under Mr. Romer’s leadership, they developed proprietary technology and have used it to perform ahead of the competition for decades. However, as Mr. Romer states, “Our continuously evolving proprietary and copyrighted commercial appraisal software served us extremely well for over three decades but the 21st century has caught up to us and we must leave the station and board the RQ train which will advance WestRock to the next professional evolutionary level of appraisal excellence, proficiency, and efficiency. It was time to partner with a company focused on technology. Real Quantum’s web-based platform, which can be conveniently used across our ever-growing geographic footprint, was simply superior to our Microsoft-based program. In addition, we need a technology that is constantly innovating just like we are, to help us deliver a top-quality 21st-century appraisal product to our demanding clients. After interviewing and experimenting with many appraisal software competitors, Realquantum was simply the right choice.”

Another important consideration for WestRock was doing business with a company that operates with high integrity. Realquantum and WestRock leadership invested the time to get to know each other. According to Jeff Weiner, Realquantum CEO, “Steve Romer and his team are passionate about their business and caring for their employees. Every one of us at Realquantum could not agree more!”


At WestRock our business values are the same as our family values; we believe in respect, loyalty, communication, and honor. We use existing and emerging technologies in order to provide accurate values at competitive prices. We take pride in staying ahead of the curve. Our philosophy is that the only way to provide the highest quality appraisal services to our clients is by taking advantage of the latest technology and information resources. To learn more, visit https://westrockappraisal.com.

Realquantum helps people across the commercial property valuation spectrum by eliminating tedious manual work and increasing revenues 50%. The technology company services customers across North America and the Caribbean including commercial fee appraisers, tax assessors, cost segregators, departments of transportation, tax consultants, commercial lenders, and asset managers. To learn more, visit https://realquantum.com.


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