The Top 5 Ways Appraisers Can Utilize Assistants

Are you looking to discover the true value of your time, explore the untapped potential of delegation, and unlock the secrets to achieving peak efficiency with an appraisal assistant? This webinar is a must watch!
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

CEO & Co-Founder | Transforming Commercial Real Estate Valuation | B2B SaaS Product Innovator | Creating Amazing Software from Zero to Scale | Longevity Enthusiast

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The Top 5 Ways Appraisers Can Utilize Assistants for Maximum Productivity


In this webinar, Jeff Weiner, Co-Founder & CEO of Realquatum was joined by Echo Hartig, Administrative and Appraisal Assistant at Keller, Craig & Associates. They discussed how assistants can become invaluable allies, going beyond mere data entry to elevate your practice to new heights.

Here are the topics Jeff and Echo covered: 

  • Where to find a qualified appraisal assistant and how much they will cost
  • Assistant training, including creating a plan for maximum impact¬†
  • How appraisal management software can speed up your assistant’s workflow
  • Determining when an assistant is prepared for increased responsibility.
  • Harnessing the full potential of your assistant for strategic planning in the upcoming year


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