The Power of Progress: Realquantum’s New Features Explained

Webinar Recap
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The Power of Progress: Realquantum’s New Features Explained - Webinar Recap

Greetings, appraisers! In the recent webinar hosted by Realquantum’s Jeff Weiner, Co-Founder & CEO, and Alisa Goode, Customer Success and Data Analysis Lead, participants were treated to an insightful overview of the platform’s new features and enhancements. In a brief 30-minute session, Jeff provided a glimpse into the power of progress and shared details about six recent releases since mid-July, including a Template Starter Pack and a CoStar Import Beta each bringing valuable additions to the platform.

Feature Highlights

Reports Area

The webinar delved into several enhancements in the reports area, including the ability to combine reports more easily, a new custom cover page, improved signature spacing, and the option to turn off value conclusion tables in land valuation and sales comparison approaches.

Template Starter Pack

A significant highlight was the revamped template starter pack, offering new templates reflecting USPAP and QPAP standards. With nine full-text templates, nine header templates, five executive summary templates, 10 content modules, and 142 quick-entry options, Realquantum aims to provide appraisers with a robust starting point for their assignments.

Executive Summary Section

Jeff and Alisa discussed updates to the executive summary section, such as sale history sub-headers and stories, providing users with more flexibility and control over the content they present in their reports.

Calc Engine Enhancements

In the Calc Engine, the density calculation and land-to-building ratio updates were covered. Notably, there are now options for manually entering units for more flexibility in scenarios where a full property analysis may not be applicable.

Demographics Data Update

Realquantum’s integration with demographic data, sourced from StateBook, received attention. The update addressed changes in census grouping, ensuring accurate and up-to-date demographic information for appraisers.

Zoning Section

The zoning section saw improvements, introducing a new zoning remarks section and the ability to tag exhibit photos to the zoning section, enhancing organization and clarity.

CoStar Import Beta

Jeff provided insights into the CoStar Import Beta, highlighting improvements in default property names, data sourcing, and reporting. Users were encouraged to explore this feature, which simplifies the integration of CoStar data into Realquantum.

Performance Boost, Stability, and Security

Realquantum underwent various updates aimed at improving performance, stability, and security. Notably, the platform received SOC 2 certification, offering users assurance that their data is handled with the highest security standards.

User Experience Enhancements

Small but impactful enhancements were made to the user experience, allowing users to sort search results by date and improving the live view to closely match the PDF.


The webinar provided a comprehensive tour of Realquantum’s recent developments, showcasing the platform’s commitment to user-driven enhancements, compliance with industry standards, and continuous improvement in user experience. Everyone using Realquantum can look forward to an even more flexible and feature-rich platform that empowers them to deliver high-quality appraisal reports efficiently. As the platform maintains its focus on customer feedback, we can expect more exciting updates in the future. Stay tuned for the next webinar to explore the evolving landscape of Realquantum and its impact on the world of commercial valuation.



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