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Successful Commercial Appraisal Team Management at Firms Using Realquantum

When it comes to commercial appraisal team management, shops that have deployed realquantum have a variety of tools and techniques to keep their appraisers, analysts and support staff humming along smoothly. It’s not much of a task with 5 or fewer team members, but with teams of 10, 20, or more, then effective workload balancing and team tracking is important to ensure everyone is working productively and delivering on time.

There are endless ways successful teams have creatively addressed this function.  Here are a few examples from realquantum customers to consider for your own business.

Appraisal Bid Tracking

  1. Realquantum stores all appraisal assignments at any point from bid to completion. Setting up a property and assignment is easy and the property is ready to go if the bid is won.
  2. Quick-and-dirty: Shared Google Sheet. Many realquantum customers use a simple shared Google sheet to track bids separately. It’s useful when they don’t want to store property information for lost bids.
  3. Appraisal office manager: ANOW. This product is designed to help commercial appraisal team management run their offices with tools for invoicing, billing and bid tracking.
  4. Elaborate: Add a CRM like Salesforce. Larger teams that maintain a separate customer relationship management product like Salesforce have a lot of options. Full client tracking, and endless integrations or custom options. Bids can be tracked and reported on with elaborate tools and great detail – but it’s not cheap.
New property Creation


Accounting and Invoicing

in progress assignments

Realquantum produces an invoice for each assignment our users can print and email to clients directly, making it very easy. For our smallest clients, that’s all they need. For all other accounting activities, the go-to product is usually Quickbooks. There, they can do invoices as well, but it’s a full accounting product with many features. For example, I spoke to one RQ customer with a team of 18. He uses QB to easily generate a production report for each appraiser. It’s audited by the appraiser, combined with reimbursable business expenses and is an efficient, accurate method for month-end payouts. Accountants often prefer taking a QB export at tax time. There are certainly other tools, such as FreshBooks. As a newer accounting product, it’s native to the web and popular with small businesses. The downside is that it may lack some features larger appraisal offices need.

Team Workload Management

Maintaining a balanced, consistent workload for the whole team is a juggling act for every professional services business. The more leadership knows the status of each team member, the more efficient the team will run. When employees are not overloaded or bored, they of course are happier too. Looking back at past history improves the accuracy of future estimates.

Realquantum enables tracking of all assignments in a single view. Appraisal firm leaders can track across the firm and then identify individual team members where more support may be needed.

Another shared Google Sheet idea: One realquantum customer shared a clever idea for workload balance. In a team of about a dozen people, the managing director kept a shared document. Individuals “raise their hands” for more work or state when they will be ready.  Combining this with vacation and travel schedules gives leadership a 1-glance dashboard on the team’s readiness for more work.

There are many other options for managing an appraisal office team. So, however you manage your team today, here are a few ideas for you to consider adding.

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