Starting Your Own Commercial Appraisal Business

6 topics in our live webinar for starting your own commercial appraisal business.
starting your own commercial appraisal business
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

CEO & Co-Founder | Transforming Commercial Real Estate Valuation | B2B SaaS Product Innovator | Creating Amazing Software from Zero to Scale | Longevity Enthusiast

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Thinking about striking out on your own? A lot of people think about it. “I want to be my own boss.”  “I want to focus in a new area.” “I know I can scale my business by using new techniques and tools.”

Whatever the reasons, starting your own commercial real estate appraisal business is a big decision!  Whether creating a new sole-proprietorship, joining up with a few partners, or buying an existing company, there are a lot of things to consider. In fact, it can be pretty scary for some.

Join Jeff Weiner, CEO of realquantum, as he talks with commercial appraisers that have struck out on their own. They will share why they decided to start their own commercial appraisal businesses, what they did, how it went, and what they wish they knew looking back.  As with all our webinars, it will be an interactive discussion with questions from attendees. So, be sure to arrive with questions for the appraisers.



Topics Covered

1. Decide why you want to run your own business and what form it would take.

2. How best to learn as much as possible beforehand.

3. Have a plan to get clients (marketing).

4. Setting up your office space, tools and clerical support.

5. What worked  for our guests and what didn’t.

6. What do our guests wish they knew before they started.

The “Starting Your Own Commercial Appraisal Business” live webinar content will be followed by a brief realquantum demo.


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