Spotlight: Cornerstones of Care

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cornerstones of care
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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Spotlight: Cornerstones of Care

Realquantum is a company founded on a few unwavering values, and our most important value is caring. We put our caring into action by partnering with Cornerstones of Care, a local Kansas City non-profit organization. Most importantly, Cornerstones strengthens and improves the lives of more than 10,000 children and families in Kansas and Missouri each year.

Cornerstones is an agency providing prevention, treatment, and support services for victims of child abuse and neglect. The Cornerstones mission statement is short and powerful: Partnering for safe and healthy communities. In short, Realquantum is proud to partner with Cornerstones to help achieve that mission.

Why Cornerstones?

Cornerstones is unique because of their dedication to helping children and families “wherever they are, whenever they need us.” It is through its network of staff, therapists, counselors, volunteers, families, and facilities, that Cornerstones strengthens and supports children, families, and the community anytime, anywhere.

Further, the Cornerstones method recognizes that recovery and healing are achievable in stable, safe environments. For example, their programs include educational support, foster placement, mental and behavioral health care, and both inpatient and residential treatment.


How you can help Cornerstones and similar organizations

We were first introduced to Cornerstones through Uncover KC. Similarly, this community engagement organization brings volunteers and donors together with worthy and needful charities. That fateful introduction has given us many opportunities to support our community in meaningful ways with no end in sight. There are many ways to help Cornerstones of Care and organizations like them in your city. Volunteering, financial gifts, birthday gifts, even shopping at AmazonSmile are options to lend your support.

In conclusion, we thank Carol Grimaldi, Manager of Community Engagement and Advocacy, for helping us connect and grow our relationship between realquantum and Cornerstones of Care. We also thank Uncover KC founder and President, Brent Lager, and Vice-President, Lauren Obermueller, for setting us up with Cornerstones. Likewise, you can connect with organizations like Uncover KC in your area to discover organizations like Cornerstones of Care that are looking for partners and supporters like you!

By Mark Davis

Mark is the Chief Strategy Officer at realquantum and a consulting software architect who guides enterprises in technology selection, architectural strategy and new development. He’s the rare individual who can talk technology “in the weeds” with the best engineers and turn around to talk vision and strategy with business leaders. Mark is a servant-leader with a passion for creating successful customers and successful employees. It is this vision that is at the foundation of realquantum.

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