realquantum Version 2.8 New Features Released

Learn more about realquantum version 2.8, and our newest updates.
realquantum V2.8
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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Version 2.8 Features Overview

June 7, 2020 marks the release of realquantum version 2.8. This release includes major efficiency upgrades. Matt Speer, Chief Product Officer, noted these features are “ keeping in-line with our goal to provide users more flexibility and boost efficiency.”

Copying Capabilities

We take pride in listening to our customers. As a result, we have released the capability to copy both properties and comp records. Users can now save time by duplicating a similar property already in their databases. They can also boost their efficiency by copying comp records including the following sections:

  • Sites
  • Improvements
  • Taxes
  • Sales
  • Costs
  • Exhibits

PDF Write-Up Added to Property Search

Just a few months back, the search feature received powerful enhancements. Now, when using the search capabilities, users see a new option. They are able to view a PDF writeup for any property directly from the search results page. From there, users can print or download those write-ups with ease. This makes gathering and sharing property information quick and easy.


Upload Word and Excel Files

The realquantum product team continues to make storage enhancements. No longer are only PDF documents able to be stored conveniently within the application. Now, users can upload Word documents, as well as Excel spreadsheets to be stored within the Exhibits section of a property.

New Version 2.8 Application Features

  • The export file format now matches the import file format
    • Users can now share exported property information with outside users easier than ever.
  • Additional assignment type option for appraisals under review
  • Additional investment class option for trophy investments

All these features help the realquantum user community increase their efficiency. Further, realquantum version 2.8 improves flexibility and gives our users new tools to help scale their businesses. As always, realquantum runs completely in your web browser. So, there is no slow syncing with a remote database. Likewise, there are no Microsoft Office plug-ins or ribbons to break. There are no Excel templates with formulas that can change.

New features have since been released with Version 2.11

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