realquantum Version 2.5 New Features Released

It’s here! A little more about realquantum version 2.5.
realquantum version 2.5
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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Version 2.5 Features Overview:

February 17, 2020 marks the release of realquantum version 2.5. This release includes major enhancements to three significant areas of realquantum. Matt Speer, Chief Product Officer, noted that “While we aim to deliver new features every month or so, this release had a huge scale that will deliver big increases to the efficiency and flexibility of our users”.

New Search Capabilities

We take pride in listening to our customers. As a result, we have released more powerful search capabilities. Users can now perform map-based searches with polygons, circles, and rectangles. In addition, users have the power to search by:

  • 56 property-specific fields
  • 37 fields specific to sales
  • 14 fields specific to leases
  • 20 fields related to income and expenses

Likewise, search results can be analyzed by viewing the results on a map, in a card view, or in a detailed table view.

Full-Screen Text Editors

Meanwhile, it is important for appraisers to be able to briefly tell the story of the subject property. Read more about this in our blog: What Chief Appraisers Want. However, we realize that sometimes long portions of narrative are necessary. Therefore, realquantum has added a full-screen text editor feature. This allows users to easily add and manipulate their narrative sections. In addition, the toolbar will remain at the top of the screen for easy viewing in the full-screen mode.

New Ways to Customize the Report

The realquantum  product team continues to add flexibility to the report. As a result, the most recent optimization is the ability to change the section headings. The default headings work great for most traditional appraisal reports. However, this new flexibility allows users to easily create different types of consulting reports. For example, market research studies, feasibility studies, and capitalization rate studies to name a few.


New Version 2.5 Application Features

  • Customize data in the Subject column of adjustment grids.
    • Users can customize based on individual sites and improvements within a subject property.
  • New Assignment Types added:
    • Reasonableness Opinion, Rental Housing Market Study, Valuation Analysis
  • realquantum is now available on iPads running iOS 13+
  • Ability to link Unit of Comparison
    • Users can link land or sales valuation and market rent analysis to an entire property, particular site, or particular improvement. (Or just input manually.)

In summary, the new capabilities continue realquantum’s quest to help appraisers increase their efficiency. Further, realquantum version 2.5 improves flexibility of reports beyond appraisals reports, and helps scale appraisers’ businesses. As always, realquantum runs completely in your web browser. So, there is no slow syncing with a remote database. Likewise, there are no Microsoft Office plug-ins or ribbons to break. There are no Excel templates with formulas that can change.

New Features have since been released with Version 2.8

About the Author

Matt Speer, MAI, is a practicing commercial appraiser in the Kansas City market. He is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer for realquantum.

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