Realquantum Unveils Revolutionary Features to Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy in CRE Appraisals

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Frank LaDonna

Frank LaDonna

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Realquantum Unveils Revolutionary Features to Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy in CRE Appraisals

Realquantum, a leading software provider in the commercial real estate industry, hosted an eagerly awaited webinar led by CEO, Jeff Weiner and Alisa Goode, Customer Success, where they introduced the latest versions of their cutting-edge software – 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. These new releases promise to transform the way users work, streamline processes, and boost productivity. To watch the recorded webinar, click here.

Let’s delve into the key features highlighted in the webinar and the benefits they offer:

  1. Import Costar Files with Ease

Realquantum now allows seamless importing of Costar files, including Sale and Lease files, without requiring any changes in the export format. Additionally, users can download a template to understand the data file format. This enhancement simplifies the data transfer process, saving valuable time and effort. (Users require a subscription to CoStar and to comply with their data use policy.)

  1. Enhanced Executive Summary

The Executive Summary feature has received significant improvements. Now, the first page of the executive summary automatically includes latitude and longitude details. Moreover, users can leverage the new SWOT analysis table with preload quick entry text, making it easier to provide comprehensive and insightful summaries.

  1. RQ Demographics

Realquantum has partnered with Statebook to offer users access to up-to-date data directly within the platform. RQ Demographics is available as an add-on, allowing users to access valuable demographic insights seamlessly, enhancing the depth and accuracy of their appraisals.

  1. Adjustment Grid Enhancements

The Adjustment Grid has undergone substantial enhancements, granting users more flexibility and control. Users can now select categories via checkboxes, reorder them, and save the desired order. Moreover, the introduction of templates for categories enables faster selections. The enhancement of the Market Conditions adjustment to now offer either a straight line compound annual growth rate or variable CAGR with three inflection points and effective dates to further empower users to effectively model dynamic market conditions.

  1. Market Rent Analysis

Realquantum introduces new ways to visualize client data, offering tabular displays of potential market rent income, market rent estimate, potential gross rental income estimates, and non-revenue units. Furthermore, users can add up to four tenant profiles with content modules for multi-family and commercial properties, enhancing the depth and accuracy of market rent analysis.

  1. Income Approach Enhancements

The Income Approach feature receives several valuable upgrades:

  • The new Revenue Trends section calculates Potential Gross Income, providing users with essential insights for making informed decisions.
  • Users can now lay out all fixed and variable expenses in the Discussion of Expenses section comparing all the expense comps to the subject property and appraiser’s pro forma. The user can add comments in line for an incredibly clear layout for the reader.
  • Realquantum Advanced users benefit from new Investor Surveys, providing crucial data like OAR, terminal cap rate, and IRR, which can be seamlessly integrated into reports. (A separate investor survey data subscription is required.)
  • A new investment classifications section and Direct Capitalization with capitalization rate sensitivity increment adjustment further enhances data accuracy and reporting capabilities.


  1. Addenda Improvements

Addenda functionality is enriched by adding new images and content templates, offering more customization options. Additionally, the Work File section allows appraisers to maintain their required work file right with their assignments in Realquantum. No need for a separate file server anymore.

  1. JSON Report Generation

Realquantum now allows users to generate reports as JSON files, catering to the increasing demand from bank customers to receive data quickly and accurately, with reduced chances of transcription errors.


In conclusion, Realquantum’s latest versions 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 introduce a host of game-changing features and enhancements, empowering users with unparalleled functionality and efficiency. From simplified data import to enriched visualization options and powerful analysis tools, the latest software updates enable commercial real estate professionals to achieve more in less time, ultimately driving success in their ventures.


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