Realquantum Mobile: Capture Your Insights On-Site

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Realquantum Mobile: Capture Your Insights On-Site

Commercial real estate appraisal has always been more than a desk job. Realquantum has introduced the ONLY mobile app designed specifically for commercial real estate appraisers. This groundbreaking solution completes the on-site inspection process, making it remarkably efficient and exceptionally productive.

In this blog, see all the ways Realquantum Moblie serves as a versatile companion, revolutionizing the way appraisers conduct on-site inspections.


Your Work is Always On Hand

Our cloud-based software instantly transfers your assignments from the web to your mobile device, ensuring that you have them in hand when you visit a property.


Capture Your Observations

As you wander through the property, take photos and notes. During the on-site visit, type or utilize text-to-speech to record your observations.


Document the Details

Each image is automatically labeled with the compass direction, geolocation, and time. (With t

his feature, Realquantum is the best commercial real estate app for US Federal Government Yellow Book evaluations).



Sketch a Floorplan

When you add sketches to your timeline, they are automatically uploaded to Realquantum online. Include images of the subjects inyour reports. Draw with a stylus, Apple Pencil on supported devices, or simply your finger.


Create a Narrative

Your photos and notes are uploaded in chronological order on an easy-to-navigate timeline. This built-in organizing helps you remember everything.


Bring Your Insights Back to the Office

During your on-site visit, all of your images, notes, and sketches are transferred to the web. Uploading will begin as soon as your mobile device regains network access if you don’t have reliable cell or Wi-Fi coverage.



Discover why the best commercial real estate apps must have mobile functionality. Take one minute to see how you can harness the power of Realquantum’s mobile app to accelerate your appraisal business. Watch our short video here: Introducing realquantum mobile.


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