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Our appraiser checklist, and how it can assure you’ll never forget to inspect something.
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Introducing The realquantum Mobile Appraiser Checklist

Starting today, realquantum mobile app users have a new way to save time and reduce errors. Last weekend, realquantum mobile version 1.4 arrived in the app store. The major feature in this release is the mobile appraiser checklist. The purpose is all about improving quality. “We got feedback from appraisers and lenders that reminders would help to ensure they collect all necessary information on a visit,” according to realquantum chief product officer Matt Speer, MAI. Appraisers in training benefit from reminders as they learn, but experienced appraisers do too. “It’s one more tool to keep me on track when I’m in a hurry,” Speer adds. Checklists are used in life-or-death situations for airline pilots and doctors because they work. When made easy to use, they help appraisers too.

realquantum appraiser checklist

Mobile Checklist

Create a checklist to use within assignments. Ensure new appraisers and anyone in a hurry never forgets to inspect something.

Add or edit checklist items within realquantum web.

Use the checklist within the mobile app to mark completed items. Submitted checklists are uploaded to the assignment just like photos and exhibits.

To learn more about the Checklist feature,
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Customize Your Checklists

Each realquantum account admin can configure their own appraiser checklist to reflect the business process specific to that organization’s needs. The settings page for mobile makes it easy.

realquantum mobile checklist

Use Cases

Appraiser Trainee

The best way to get a new appraiser up to speed quickly is to create processes that are consistent and easy to follow. Then, the trainee will spend time building appraisal skills, not remembering steps to specific to an appraisal office. That means trainees learn faster. Furthermore, with an appraiser checklist, there are less opportunities for an appraiser to forget important details and have to return to the property.

Experienced Appraiser

Even an appraiser with years of tenure can forget. Often that occurs when time is tight. Following a checklist that’s handy, right in the application, means getting more done and reducing errors.

Loan Officer

Every commercial loan officer needs to inspect each property in the portfolio. Then, they all must deliver photos and notes to an internal bank appraiser. Banks that use realquantum are efficient. The loan officer has a checklist of the specific features needed by the appraiser. So, she knows exactly what to photograph. Then, the loan officer can choose to inspect any other aspects he or she deems appropriate.  Realquantum mobile uploads all the photos and notes to the appraisal assignment automatically. Thanks to the checklist, nothing is forgotten. Thanks to the sync, no special coordination is needed.


Did You Know…

The realquantum Mobile App has a sketch feature? Find out more about it here.

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