Realquantum 3.0 Feature Overview

It’s HERE! With much anticipation, realquantum 3.0 has arrived.
Realquantum 3.0
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Realquantum 3.0 Feature Overview

Realquantum 3.0 is here! Our product has a long list of exciting new features for commercial appraisers to get work done faster, and complete more complex jobs, all while maintaining consistency and accuracy across every appraisal report.

Here’s a very brief list of the many new capabilities in Realquantum 3.0

Updated Screen Design

  • Increased space for your data with narrower margins
  • Expand/collapse options in screens to hide sections and reduce scrolling
  • Fixed the left navigation menu and headers on the adjustment grids that stay visible when you scroll, and more

Updated Report formatting based on data visualization best practices

Realquantum 3.0 Executive Summary
  • Revamped Executive summary with more tools and visuals to call out the most important information to your reader.
  • Improved readability with better consistency in the layout of font, justification, and more across the report
  • Upgraded automated tables with clean lines, and shorter table row heights to fit more data

New! Demographics section

  • New narrative section with customizable templates for quick entry.

New! Real Estate Tax Comps section

  • Enter,  analyze, and report on tax comparables in the expanded Taxes section of the assignment

New! Zoning Fields & Analysis Table

  • More options to document, analyze and report on zoning information. Plus, Zoning can now be a separate section in your report

Updated Certification Language

  • Reflects updates to USPAP requirements

New! Adjustment Categories

  • Market Conditions Adjustments using CAGR (compound annual growth rate) with 1 or multiple inflection points.
  • Lot Size for Sale Comp Approach


Income Approach

  • New! Income & Expense Categories and subcategories that adapt automatically to the property class and type
  • New! Expense Comparables: Discussion of Expenses – a new view to analyze expense comps and display in a clean table format and narrative with customizable content modules
  • New! Subject History: Revenue Trends – Another clean tabular format to analyze revenue and include a narrative with customizable content modules
    Realquantum 3 disc of exp
  • New! Direct Capitalization has a  new sensitivity analysis feature
  • New! Non-Revenue Units Table & Proforma Options – build a non-revenue units analysis table and narrative for multi-family and other properties

Cost Approach

  • Redesign of Replacement Cost New: remodeled to easily support several improvements and includes new Multipliers
  • New! Insurable Replacement Cost – brand new section linked to Cost Approach but can be placed anywhere in your report.

You asked for it, we delivered it – this release is packed full of features that are a result of customer demand and thousands of hours of user research, coding, testing, and documentation. Most of the new features are waiting in the product until you need them, however, others will be visible immediately.


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