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Powering Through Appraisal Inspections with Realquantum’s Mobile App

Out With the Old

Until recently, I completed appraisal inspections the same way I have for years. I carried a camera and a notebook filled with paper and pens. Should clouds appear and raindrops start to fall, I would hold an umbrella in one hand while jotting down notes with the other in attempt to keep the papers dry and my frustration low. Making my way back into the office with somewhat legible notes and photos taken with a digital camera, I was forced to download these photos using a cable (if I could find where I put it) or by removing the memory card and inserting it into my computer. While I waited for the photos to download to my hard drive, I would transfer all pertinent portions of my handwritten notes into the report, scan additional notes into a digital file and copy that file into my appraisal folder. Once completed, this left me with the most daunting task of all—labeling each photo in our report writing software.

If the scope of my assignment involved Yellow Book (or similar requirements), I would manually label a subject site map with the location of where I was standing when I took each photograph and add an arrow for each photograph to denote the direction the camera was facing. I spent hours preparing this type of exhibit for a subject that included 50 government buildings located on a 200-acre site. Retyping my sometimes illegible handwritten notes consumed even more valuable time.


In With the New

With the release of the new realquantum mobile app (check it out here- https://www.realquantum.com/mobile ), I can use my iPad (or iPhone) to gather even more information during my inspections in a shorter amount of time. When I arrive at my subject property, I open the realquantum mobile app and select the appropriate assignment (that was set up on the web application before going onsite). As I take my photos, I either choose a pre-populated caption from the drop-down menu or click the microphone icon and use the speech-to-text feature to dictate a custom title. I also use the speech-to-text feature to create file notes during my inspection. To keep me organized, the mobile app creates a useful timeline on my iPad of all my photographs and notes in the order that they were created. No need to manually mark where I was standing when the photo was taken as the app captures the longitude and latitude of the camera, as well as the direction it faced for every photograph. Even better, this timeline is automatically synced with the web application and placed into the appropriate assignment. All photos are also synced into the description of improvements section of the assignment along with the appropriate titles. Because my iPad uses both mobile data and Wi-Fi, all the synchronization is complete by the time I arrive back at my office. In fact, this information is likely available to other appraisers or administrative personnel before I leave my inspection.

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