Next Generation Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Frustrations in the industry, and how realquantum is changing the game.
Next Generation commercial real estate appraisal solutions
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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I identified some of the frustrations of our industry. Fortunately, a team of experienced appraisers and IT professionals are working on next generation solutions — a new product that will address those frustrations too.  realquantum is expected to be released soon. It will change the way we do business. Here’s how:

Simplified IT Management

Browser based application with no other desktop software required.

Better Security

Dual authentication security. No threat from desktop viruses. Potential for report to never leave the application.

One Fully Cloud-Sourced, Integrated Database and Report Writing System

No need to transfer data from the application to complete your report from start to final delivery.

Improved Database Design and Performance

Built from the start as a native cloud implementation with a comprehensive, elegant architecture that’s designed to scale as your business grows.

Up to Date Property Classification System and Data Standards that Fit the Real World

Utilize the most recently PUCS approved by the AI Board. Allow data fields to be viewed in multiple combinations to reflect different industry standards.


GIS Capabilities

Integration with Google Maps Pro so you can drive neighborhoods and comps with Street View, zoom in and out of aerials, and take measurements. Users will have the ability to view and control various map layers.

Consolidated Management System for the Appraisal Business

Easily track workflow and production by appraiser, client, office and company. Efficient review system.

A Secure, Efficient, Easy to Use System for Reviewing, Editing, and Archiving Reports and Data

Automated error checking, validation and archival functions for the appraisal report and data.


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