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Multi-Family Appraisal Support
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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We've added support for multi-family appraisals!

Realquantum, the best narrative report generator and comps database for commercial real estate appraisers announces today that they have added support for multi-family appraisals for all subscribers at no additional cost.  

Previously, realquantum supported a variety of property types.  They included office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial properties, vacant land and more. Starting today, realquantum supports multi-family appraisal.  It only adds to the value and utility of an already powerful product. 

“This is a significant offering for our customers,” says Matt Speer, head of product at realquantum. “Now, about 85-90% of all commercial appraisals can be done in realquantum. This product is all on the web, and you don’t need database syncing, a word processor or spreadsheets.”


Dennis Dull, realquantum’s chief of sales added, “Customers are telling us that our approach of doing all the work on the web is new for them. But, they find it’s easy to learn.  In one case, an appraiser on a 7-day trial found it so easy to learn, he completed an appraisal and started another without any training.  He was so excited, he signed up right away.” 


Market Rent Analysis

  • Select comparable rental surveys for apartments
  • New text field to perform multiple types of analysis
  • New “Reconciliation Table” is used to conclude the market rent per unit type

Select Specific Improvement

  • Added multiple select fields for improvements including:
  • Landlord-paid utilities
  • Project amenities
  • Unit amenities
  • Included appliances

Improved Search

  • Added additional search fields
  • Added ability to show and/or hide columns in the Search Results table


New Photos

  • Now default to Subject Photo’s.  Done to clarify picture placement within the assignment.

No Designation or Certification?

  • No Problem! These fields will be blank in the report.

Value Conclusions

  • Reconciliation and Executive Summary sections will now show as N/A if no approach was performed.

Lease Term

  • Now a number field.

Comp Write-up Photos

  • If there is no photo associated with the Comp Write-Up the picture area will be hidden.

Binoculars Action

  • From the assignment, takes the user to the specific transaction, rather than the just property.

Process standardization offers many benefits to an appraisal office.  It reduces errors, improves productivity and simplifies training of new staff.  So, the more types of appraisals that can be done within one process, the better an appraisal business will perform.   Doing multi-family appraisals on the same platform as other property types improves productivity across the board.


About realquantum 

At realquantum, our web-based narrative appraisal report software and cloud-hosted comps database dramatically increase productivity.  You get more done in less time. We recognize commercial real estate appraisers are too busy and your is time too valuable to waste it using unproductive commercial appraisal software. 


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