Mobile Sketch App for Appraisers now in realquantum mobile 1.2

Introducing the sketch pad for realquantum mobile.
sketch realquantum mobile
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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Are You Wasting Time During Property Inspections?

Sketches get added to your timeline and uploaded automatically to the web app.  They can also be included as subject photos in your reports. Sketch in portrait or landscape mode using a stylus, Apple Pencil on supported devices or just your finger.

The realquantum mobile app will save you valuable time during inspections as the best mobile sketch app for appraisers.  It’s easy to take pictures and label them.  Take notes quickly by typing or even faster by speaking.  It’s all uploaded to your assignment on the realquantum web app automatically.

If you’re an iPhone or iPad users and haven’t switched to realquantum mobile, you are missing out.




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