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Meet Mark – our CDO and Co-Founder at realquantum!
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Meet the Team: Mark Davis, CDO & Co-Founder

Introducing Mark Davis, realquantum’s Chief Data Officer. Mark has been working in the technology field for about thirty years.  He began his career and quickly demonstrated his skill for software development and architecture.  As a result, he had the unique opportunity to write the majority of the software for the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. Technology has been a long-time passion for Mark, particularly coding, and this continuing fascination with the field is one of the many things that make him great at what he does. As well as being a passionate engineer, Mark brings clarity to the table. His ability to explain complicated concepts in a simple fashion makes him an excellent communicator, an essential skill in the tech industry.  This skill makes Mark a trusted technology advisor to business leaders because he is so good at conveying technical concepts in actionable business terms. 

That ability for communication didn’t just come from his technology experience, however. Mark began his career path in a very different way; studying writing at The Alabama School of Fine Arts, a boarding school where students have the chance to hone a variety of creative skills from writing, to music, to dance. His writing focused mainly on poetry and short fiction. Through his study of poetry, he learned a lot about the use of efficient and effective language to convey a message, a skill that carries over brilliantly into the world of corporate communication. Although he didn’t pursue a career in writing (it didn’t call his name in the way coding did) he is still an avid reader, and reads anything from southern gothic to sci-fi novels, as well as business books, in his spare time. 


When not working on realquantum tasks, which is what you can usually find him doing on a Saturday morning, Mark is likely to be found mentoring.  Commitment to community is a realquantum value, and a personal one for Mark.  He works with youth and other aspiring entrepreneurs in Kansas City to share ideas, support and provide encouragement.  As a dedicated husband and father, Mark loves spending time with his family, and all their dogs. He has been married for 28 years to his wife, Shelly, and they have four children; Julia, Charlie, Becca, and Katrina.  

Family, work, and interests keep Mark busy and take up the majority of his time. We hope that Mark may eventually get to take a vacation (he apparently hasn’t had one in years) and you might see him biking on the Rocky Mountains sometime soon. For now, he will continue to be the same dedicated and driven force he has been for years.


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