Maximize Remote Appraisal Team Productivity

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Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

CEO & Co-Founder | Transforming Commercial Real Estate Valuation | B2B SaaS Product Innovator | Creating Amazing Software from Zero to Scale | Longevity Enthusiast

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Maximize Remote Appraisal Team Productivity





The world has been dealing with pandemic lockdowns and restrictions  since at least March. Many commercial appraisal teams are making the best of things hoping life will return to “normal” soon. But that’s not happening.

Join realquantum CEO Jeff Weiner and special guest Chris Bisson, founder and CEO of Value Connect. They will host a timely discussion on the best tools and techniques to maximize remote appraisal team productivity. Remote teams include everyone who must now work at home. In addition, you may have a business with several locations. Either way, these ideas will help.

What You Will Learn

In this dynamic 30-minute live webinar, attendees will learn:

    1. How to do high-quality commercial property inspections when appraisers cannot or choose not to be there in-person;
    2. How to mentor and train analysts, candidate appraisers or others to perform remote inspections and up-front appraisal research;
    3. Ways to optimize efficiency in an appraisal office by delegating work to team members. Then, the appraiser can focus on the complex analysis and minimize admin work (and driving too);
    4. Several tools that improve collaboration and efficiency in remote teams.

Realquantum’s webinars provide useful information to help appraisers, assessors, asset managers and accountants be more successful. As always, the session will be live so we encourage participation from everyone!


Who Should Attend

This 30-minute live webinar is designed for the appraisal office owner or managing partner who runs a mid-size appraisal firm. It is also valuable for tax assessors focused on commercial property who:

  • Are considering a technology and process change and
  • Wants to learn about specific, pragmatic examples of how others did it successfully.

Realquantum helps valuation professionals avoid tedious work and earn up to 50% more revenue.

Value Connect is a technology company focused on automating appraisal quality control for appraisers and lenders.


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