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Our thoughts on KnowBe4 for Appraisers.
KnowBe4 Appraisal office security awareness training
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KnowBe4 for Appraisers


What It’s Good For

Appraisal office security awareness training.


Quoted individually by the company, but our cost was under $400.



nowBe4 is a security training company founded by a world-famous hacker.  It’s designed to address the most vulnerable access point to any computer: human beings.  KnowBe4 is an online teaching and testing product that helps your team avoid the common missteps that can allow malware, ransomware and phishing emails to negatively impacting your business.  (“Phishing” emails are from criminals that look legitimate, hoping users will provide information like credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, usernames, and more.) It’s an effective product and worth considering for an appraisal office security awareness training program.

KnowBe4 states that about 27% of any company’s people will click on a phishing email.  At that rate, a team with 4 or more people will nearly be guaranteed to have problems!  These emails will typically convince a user to click on a link that looks legit and either

  1. It will cause malware or ransomware to be installed on the computer, or,
  2. Take the user to a legit-looking website where they enter their user ID and password for a bank, etc, which of course just gives the bad guys that information.

How It Works

The KnowBe4 service has 2 components.  The first, is a light-hearted online training with videos and quizzes.  The company founder, Kevin Mitnick, conducts many of the videos.  He’s the famous hacker who switched his hat from black to white, became a good guy and owns the company.  The videos describe phishing schemes as described above, but also lots of other ways criminals can take advantage of people in cyberspace – and how to prevent being a victim.

The second part of the service is a random test.  KnowBe4 will send a series of phishing emails to the people who have been trained and test to see if they will “take the bait.”  The results are summarized in a report for the company and for those who fall victim again, more training.  After that, KnowBe4 sends a few follow-up reminder emails and options for regular refresher training.

Our Experience

At Realquantum, we signed up for the service last year and extended again this year.  CTO Mark Davis said, “The biggest security risk in any office is not the equipment, and it’s not the software. It’s the people. The only way to reduce that risk is through frequent training and testing. With KnowBe4, we get those plus risk alerts to all employees if a new threat is breaking out.”

The service is not cheap, but for all but the most computer-savvy, this training is a real help.  After all, it only takes a single incident to cost more money that the price of this training.  In addition, more and more companies demand increased security training of their vendors.

Our experience has been very positive.  The training videos and questions are not difficult while the videos are professional (if corny) and light-hearted.  So, it’s a painless way to get an hour of very useful education.  It is worth considering as a tool for cyber security awareness training in your appraisal office.  As for alternatives, there’s another to consider, for small offices: PhishingBox.

Just to Note

As with all products we discuss at Realquantum, we don’t get any compensation from the companies.  In fact, you might find another security awareness training product that works better for you.  If so, let us know!  Others might find it useful to try as well.  The important thing is that appraisers have access to good information about products that make them more productive and successful – because at Realquantum that is our goal.

And, the one product that is proven to make commercial real estate appraisers more successful is Realquantum.  Ready to take your business to the next level?  Contact us for a demo today.


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