Are You A Manual Typewriter?

Increase Appraisal Office Efficiency through New Technologies
Increase Appraisal Office Efficiency
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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Remember in the late 1970’s when we wrote our reports on typewriters with carbon copies and correction ink? We used film and glued photos on report pages.

What WILL Increase Appraisal Office Efficiency?

Simplified IT Management

Maintaining multiple versions of various software on employees’ desktops is time-consuming and costly. Computer hardware is expensive, and hardware failures can cripple an appraisal office.

Better Security

Viruses are a never-ending threat. Our clients (especially banks) demand secure communications and methods of storing confidential information. Many banks have network security systems that make it difficult for them to receive large files.

One Fully Cloud Sourced Integrated Database and Report Writing System

Waiting for screens to refresh while data is transferred from the cloud to various desktop applications is inefficient and irritating. Existing report writing systems are difficult to understand and master.

Improved Database Design and Performance

Current appraisal databases do a poor job of tracking properties as they change over time, do not have useful analytics, and don’t have the ability to track trends and data relationships. Some queries take too long.

Up to Date Property Classification System and Data Standards that Fit the Real World

Most appraisal databases have not upgraded to the new Property Use Classification System. Current software forces you into a predetermined box for how data is categorized.


Mobile Capability

No convenient method for capturing photographs, comparable data, and field notes and syncing them to the cloud during or after inspections. Current software ties the appraisal process to one machine.

More Robust GIS Capability

None of the current software allows for robust GIS capability.

Better Presentations of Results

Current reports are static documents that don’t take advantage of new technologies allowing a more interactive and immersive experience. Many reports still look like they were written on a typewriter, but users want a richer digital experience.

Consolidated Management System

Current software does not facilitate an efficient review process or tracking system.

An Efficient, Easy to Use System for Reviewing, Editing, and Archiving Reports and Data

Current systems require multiple software applications to complete this process and are inefficient. We need automated error checking, validation and automatic archive.

Watch this space in the coming months for the Next Generation Solutions. Realquantum is coming. It will increase your appraisal office efficiency and change the way you do business.  Your staff and clients will cheer.


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