How a Kansas City Tech Startup Became realquantum

How realquantum was founded.
how kansas city tech startup became realquantum
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

CEO & Co-Founder | Transforming Commercial Real Estate Valuation | B2B SaaS Product Innovator | Creating Amazing Software from Zero to Scale | Longevity Enthusiast

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How our startup became realauntum

It’s a common question for any new startup company at networking events, parties and when talking with potential customers, “Tell me how your tech startup became realquantum.”

CEO and co-founder Mark Davis says, “We decided pretty early on. The ‘real’ is of course for real estate. That’s our industry focus. We chose the word ‘quantum’  because of our priority on creating valuable data for our customers – discrete, measurable, valuable and accurate. “Quantum” speaks to the attention we pay to the small details with quality, accuracy, security and our customers.”

At first it was Real Quantum LLC, then the tech startup became realquantum.

‘Quantum‘ defined: a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.    (link)


Quantum defined by realquantum: a discrete quantity of data representing properties that is accurate, and high-quality because it is validated by an appraisal professional.

“Quantum” is a scientific term to be sure. Realquantum CMO Jeff Weiner said, “We’re taking a high-tech approach in our product – something the commercial real estate industry is ready for. The product is built from the start to be optimized for the cloud. The application was coded using the most current software development best practices.

The related term, “quantum mechanics” deals with the interaction of subatomic particles – heady stuff. But it really applies because our company is concerned about the small details in making a great product, in our customer success team, and with the accuracy of the data. That data is where customers gain the most value from realquantum because its all in one place, it’s easy to update, validate and share in reports.

Quantum leap: a huge, often sudden, increase or change.    (link)

Our product is also a “quantum leap” compared to how CRE appraisal work is done today. No more MS office plug-ins, no more database syncing. No more complex spreadsheets with error-prone formulas. This is a huge change for the industry.

Mark shared that people asked him at a tech startup networking event, “That’s a really great name, did you hire a branding firm to come up with it?” Mark responded, “Thanks, but no we didn’t. I think we came up with it together just because we have an amazing founding team with incredible clarity about our mission.”

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