Grow Your Appraisal Business During a Pandemic

FREE LIVE WEBINAR | How to Grow Your Appraisal Business During A Pandemic
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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THURSDAY, June 18, 2020 | 11:00 AM – NOON US CENTRAL TIME


Fee appraisers are often small businesses or sole practitioners without experience in sales and marketing techniques.  The current COVID-19 pandemic requiring social distancing and stay-at-home orders make things even harder. At the same time, consumers of appraisals may have lists of several appraisers. However, they’d like to have a greater choice of providers. And, you want to be on those lists.

Watch Now

This webinar will equip fee appraisers with practical tools to communicate and sell their services during this pandemic. We’ll cover specific steps to generate interest, attention, new business and NEW REVENUE.

Who Should Attend

This 1-hour live webinar teaches how to grow your appraisal business. It’s designed for the appraisal office leader of a mid-size, small firm or sole proprietorship.

  • Has seen business drop since the pandemic began
  • Wants to learn about specific, pragmatic examples of how to add new clients and diversify into new types of services


What Attendees Will Learn

Learn a three-step plan for appraisers to market and grow your appraisal business. Get new clients, add new types of assignments to pursue right now and increase revenue.

Step 1

Communicate! Identify past clients or prospects that you would like to do business with in the future. Create a list and template for calls and emails.

Step 2

Diversify! Identify new assignment types you are qualified to add to your list of services.

Step 3

Track! Follow up with the target companies, contacts and assignments who can hire you NOW. Steve and Dan will walk you through each one of these easy steps that you can do yourself.


This will be LIVE ONLY. This is a dynamic, interactive session so a recording will NOT be available afterward. Be sure to book your time so you don’t forget!

One More Thing

Everyone who participates in the webinar will have the chance to meet with Steve Finell for “office hours”.  You can have sales consultations, plan reviews, troubleshooting or share success stories. There can be accountability check-ins, or time to refine marketing and sales processes.

About The Hosts

Steve Finell is an account executive at realquantum. He has run his own businesses and is a real estate investor. Successfully selling in many industries, Steve has experience from cars to telecommunications and high tech.

Dan Craig, MAI, is a busy commercial appraiser, real estate developer and tech entrepreneur. His appraisal business has diversified into areas way beyond “typical bank work.”


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