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New web features, & more! Learn more about realquantum version 2.4
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Verison 2.4

The latest release of realquantum web (AKA “v2.4”) just launched to production last weekend. The enhancements are sprinkled throughout the application with the common point that they are driven by realquantum software reviews and input.

Realquantum Customer Feedback

Our founders, sales and customer success people are always talking to our customers. We are constantly asking for realquantum software reviews and ideas for both the web and mobile apps. We get a lot of positive reinforcement that the product engineering team is delivering the right features. Of course, appraisers know how to analyze and critique so we get plenty of, “It’s good but would be even better if…” feedback, too. We appreciate when our customers take time to let us know. It benefits everyone.

New realquantum Web Features

Chromebook & iPad Beta Release

Customers can now run their entire appraisal process on a Chromebook or iPad.


A Chromebook is much less expensive alternative to a Windows PC or Mac. Yet, it still can power an external monitor for dual-screen productivity at your desk or be a lightweight laptop on the go.

Apple iPad

The fans of our realquantum mobile app have been asking to do more on their iPads, now they can. An appraiser can do a property inspection, taking photos, dictating notes and sketching floor plans. Then, hop back in the car and quickly add other details about the property before without forgetting details. Adding a keyboard case to the iPad would be really helpful in this situation. Why is it a beta release? Realquantum CTO, Dan Wieschhaus, commented, “We tested a lot before launch, but the way people use our product varies. So, we want to make sure the user experience is excellent for everyone. ‘Beta’ means we may decide to change it based on experience.”


Executive Summary Remarks

Previously, the executive summary contained a table of all the key information per USPAP guidelines. It could be hidden if desired. Now, appraisers can add narrative text, charts, tables and images to the Executive Summary as well.

realquantum income approach

More Income Approach Customization

Not every column is relevant for each property type. In this release, users can select which columns print in the expense comp and subject history grids. For example, hide “per-unit” for single-tenant industrial properties. Customers have freedom to analyze income and expenses however they choose.

Multiple Improvements Ratios

Handling multiple improvements can get complicated. Realquantum now has a Totals tab showing all the improvements. It allows users to quickly see a summary (i.e. different size measurements and average year built) and totals.

New Cover Page Footer Images

The footer image that displays on the appraisal report cover page will now automatically update based on the property type selected.

Customizations to Market Rent Reconciliation

In Market Rent Analysis & Reconciliation, users can now select which tables show up from the Market Data tab. Previously, they all displayed by default.

A few others based on customer feedback that are, well, pretty self-explanatory:

  1. Override the depreciation percentage in the Cost Approach
  2. Tag a Primary Appraiser when multiple appraisers are put on a single assignment
  3. Change the assignment status on the home screen (to make it that much easier.)

Based on realquantum customer feedback, our product team is deploying a web or mobile application release every month. It is a product that is constantly getting new features that are immediately available for all customers to begin using and they don’t cost anything extra. Appraisers using realquantum are already up to 50% more productive than appraisers using other tools. As our customers take advantage of these new capabilities, they get incrementally even more productive. The increased productivity translates to LESS time spent on administrative tasks, MORE time spent on quality analysis, and HIGHER revenues.

Realquantum appraisers compete in their markets with faster turn times and fewer errors.

“I do LOVE realquantum. It has made my appraisal life so much better and the thought of going back to my previous word processor system is repulsive!“


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