5 Ways to Improve Your Commercial Appraisal Business Bottom Line

Successful people know the value of their time. Learn how to value yours!
realquantum improves commercial appraisal business bottom line
Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

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Time Value, and what that means for you.

Successful people know the value of their time. How much is your time worth? If you are considering implementing a new commercial real estate appraisal system, I suggest that you consider the long-term potential for saving you and your employee’s time. For most of us, a few hours saved each week through the efficiencies discussed below will translate into a sum of money at the end of the year that will be far larger than the price range of competing products.  That translates into an improvement in your commercial appraisal business bottom line.

5 Ways Realquantum Improves Your Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Business Bottom Line

1. Speed up your appraisers’ report production process

Reuse more of your data and eliminate unnecessary manual steps in the report writing process with realquantum’s integrated database and report writing system. Realquantum is designed to capture valuable data as part of the appraisal process that can be easily re-used in other assignments. Save time by eliminating the need to send data from one app to another. Realquantum eliminates the need to refresh data between a database, spreadsheet and word processor as well as the need to manually generate location maps and copy and paste them into your reports.  

2. Spend less time on administration

Easily manage work flow with a central job tracking system. Simplify and shorten the review process by standardizing your operations. Both you and your clients will appreciate the hard coded tables and grids built into realquantum that eliminate the potential for cells in your spreadsheets being inadvertently changed or corrupted.  Eliminate the issues caused by different appraisers in your company using different spreadsheets for the same type of assignments. Since all of the data for a realquantum appraisal report is saved in only one place, you will no longer have to worry about last minute changes to a report consistently flowing through the document. Realquantum will improve the accuracy of the reports you review.


3. Reduce training costs/time for new hires and attract the top talent by providing the best technology for your appraisal platform that is also easy to use

Making new hires productive sooner will increase your bottom line. Thanks to input from a behavioral psychologist/user experience expert, realquantum has a user interface that is intuitive for everyone from the most tech savvy millennial to the most “senior” appraiser. Realquantum appraisers appreciate the fully integrated cloud based design. While other commercial real estate software products claim to be cloud based, they still rely on one or more desktop installations. Top appraisal producers demand the best technology platform. They want to produce appraisals without being held back by outdated software.   Our CEO Mark Davis recently published an article on Propmodo.

4. Work more efficiently while you are away from the office and easily collaborate with the other appraisers and assistants in different locations

Realquantum makes it easy to work from anywhere that has an internet connection (including mobile data). Start and stop working on your assignment anytime with no worrying if everything is synched. No more emailing reports back and forth or worrying if each person working on the assignment has the most current version. Enable your employees to work from home or office with no drop in efficiency. Lower your costs by using administrative personnel to complete portions of the appraisal at the same time you are working in the same appraisal document. Here is a link to an article I wrote about working while on the road.

5. Ditch your server and fire your IT person

How much time and money do you spend each year maintaining your server and backup systems – let alone replacing them every few years? If your experience is like mine, you have discovered times in the past when your internal backup system was not working properly and you have struggled to recover information that was backed up on your internal system. All you need to use realquantum is a device with a Chrome browser. Realquantum keeps your appraisal database and reporting system up to date with the latest features automatically. Backups are automated by AWS. No need for desktop or server maintenance. Add an online storage system like box.com for your other files, and you can operate your entire business in the cloud.  Our CMO Jeff Weiner has a good blog on this topic here.


realquantum improves your commercial appraisal business bottom line. Time is money. If you would like more of both, contact realquantum for a demo. 


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