3 Realquantum Mobile App Tips for Great Appraisal Inspections

The best tips and tricks to take your appraisal inspections to the next level!
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3 realquantum Mobile App Tips for Great Appraisal Inspections

Inspections are a critical part of most commercial appraisals. The onsite visual not only enhances our understanding of the subject, it add invaluable information to communicate to the client. Once we get our eyes on the property we know what we really have. A two-year old Street View from Google Maps can give us a conceptual idea, but there is nothing like the optics of the onsite inspection. The challenge is that getting to a property, photographing and making notes about all the interior and exterior features and then driving back to the office is a time-consuming task. It’s made longer with long distances to drive in rural areas, or dealing with gridlocked traffic in the city. At the property, most people use their smart phone to take pictures and a notepad for recording details.

Some still rely on their digital cameras. Hopefully it’s not raining, because your hands are full so there’s no room to hold an umbrella and your notebook’s getting wet. Since nothing can replace an in-person inspection, realquantum launched a mobile app specifically to boost productivity during those site visits. It collects all your pictures and notes tied to an assignment, and organizes them in a timeline. Then, uploads them automatically. Here are a few realquantum mobile app tips that will help you get the most out of your next inspection.

The Setup

Preparing for a site inspection is easy. Before starting your inspection, make sure you created an assignment in the realquantum web app including the selection of the appraiser(s) who are performing the assignment. The mobile app is tied to each appraiser. Therefore it automatically pulls up every assignment that you have in progress. Now you’re ready to go. Just click the assignment and begin.



Think Chronologically

I like to get to an inspection a few minutes before the scheduled appointment so that I can get some exterior shots before meeting with the owner or property representative. The mobile app creates a chronological timeline of photos and notes that flows into the web app. The timeline is always available future reference. The pictures also flow in as Subject Photos to the property record in your realquantum database. You can rearrange them later if needed.

Because the app creates this timeline, use it to your advantage. Alternate back and forth between pictures and notes. First, I take a couple street view shots and speak in notes about the immediate area to establish the context. I could type the notes too, but I don’t like typing when I can talk faster. Then, I’ll take a few exterior shots of the building front. Don’t worry about geospatial direction because the app automatically stamps each photo with longitude and latitude as well as the direction you’re facing when taking the picture. For good measure it adds the date and time.

After taking a couple of exterior shots of the front, speak in notes about the site improvements (again, typing stinks). Take a couple more photos of the building, then note your observations about the exterior of the building; the walls, windows, condition, etc. Repeat the same process for the interior. This process makes it very easy for you and your team to manage the information in the property record.

One Non-Technical Tip

Back to juggling things in the rain. Using a phone case that has a handle or a Pop Socket on the back makes, combined with speech-to-text notes, I can do inspections single-handedly.

The Auto-Magical Finish

As pictures and notes are collected, the app begins syncing them to the realquantum cloud. This may take a little while for large volumes of photos or where the network coverage is a little slow. The key is that no user action is required to make it happen. The app does it in the background “auto-magically”. The next time you open realquantum on the web, your timeline appears in the assignment record and the subject photos are pre-populated. Rearrange as desired, delete the ones you don’t want in your report and you’re done.

Details Matter

Little things can make a big difference. Realquantum’s commitment to helping appraisers with efficiency and accuracy in the entire appraisal process holds true in the mobile app. If you have additional realquantum mobile app tips that you use, send them to me and we’ll share with the broader realquantum community. We’re all about making each other better.

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