Commercial Appraisal Software

The only all-in-one web platform for commercial valuation

A More Efficient Solution for Commercial Appraisal

With Realquantum, commercial appraisers, lenders, and the public sector have an easy-to-use platform to eliminate redundant work, manage data, and collaborate effectively.

Commercial Appraisers

Stop re-entering data, with this web-native, auto-syncing platform. Streamline file management and eliminate the tedious math review process.

Public Sector

Collaborate across all locations with a “hard to break” web app, which even allows multiple scenarios for eminent domain.

Commercial Lenders

Easily perform internal valuations, with all your data in one place for simplified internal and external collaboration. All at the fast pace you demand.

Streamlined Appraisal Processes

Faster Appraisals, More Revenue

Gone are the days of manually copying data between spreadsheets and Word documents, or fighting with brittle macros to connect them. Forget about debugging broken Excel formulas, or enduring the slow file management process when you know your team’s brainpower is better used elsewhere. Realquantum lets you to get more done in less time, immediately cutting out hours of tedious work. Math is checked automatically, so you can train new hires faster and more effectively.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Collaborate Anywhere Securely

With Realquantum, sharing your work across your team — or beyond it — has never been this easy or secure. Assign tasks more effectively when you can see who is working on what. Everything is in a secure account so each update is immediately synced to the cloud, enabling you to share data as soon as it’s recorded, for quick collaboration with your team or third parties. 

Job Management Tools

Keep Everyone On Track

Stop worrying about how all your tools work together. Manage assignments and access all historical data — such as client info, previous appraisals, active jobs, maps, and communications — all in a single, searchable location, with one-click generation of invoices. Update any data point once, and the change applies everywhere else, eliminating the need for data re-entry. Assign jobs to team members and track progress from a dashboard.

Unified Property Database

Property Data At Your Fingertips

Stop worrying about how all your tools work together. Realquantum’s web-native app gives you a secure cloud database so you can access all your property and valuation data anywhere, at any time, from any device. Each property is linked with its valuation history, and the database automatically receives property exhibits uploaded from Realquantum Mobile. No storage caps, and no privacy concerns: other customers cannot see or use your data. Manage assignments and access all historical data, all in a single, searchable location. 

Streamlined reporting tools

Create Customized Reports with AI

Use our powerful template creator to make vibrant, customized reports, and even autofill frequently used phrases. Quickly configure compelling reports with templates, set up customizable auto-text, and have virtually endless options for any situation you encounter, for all commercial real estate assets. Leverage the power of AI to edit and compose narrative. Since Realquantum is fully web-based, you can access your appraisal reports from anywhere, at any time. 

Build Your Expertise

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